Tuition Information

Tuition for 2017-2018 School Year

Kindergarten - 8

$25.00 non-refundable  registration fee will be assessed each family.


One Child         - $3,053 
Two Children    - $5,165 
Three Children - $6,889 
Four Children   - $7,201 


$25.00 non-refundable registration fee will be assessed each family‚Äč

Pre-K 3 8:10 - 11:15 AM

Tuesday & Thursday $128.00 Monthly, $1,152.00 Annual Fee

Midday Dismissal 8:10 -1:15 P.M.

2 Days per week  $193.00 Monthly,  $1,737.00 Annual Fee

Extended day 8:10 - 3:05 P.M.

2 Days per week  $257.00 Monthly,  $2,313.00 Annual Fee

Pre-K 4 8:10 -11:15 AM 

Monday, Wednesday & Fridays  $182.00 Monthly,  $1,638.00 Annual Fee

Midday Dismissal 8:10 - 1:15 P.M.

3 Days per week  $276.00 Monthly, $2,484.00 Annual Fee

Extended day 8:10 - 3:05 P.M.

3 Days per week  $364.00 Monthly,  $3,276.00 Annual Fee

New Option for K4 Students

K4 meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You may add Tuesday and/or Thursday to your schedule as well! Three choices for dismissal - 11:15, 1:15, 3:05. Call 763-2848 to register!

Payment Policy

St. Charles School uses the FACTS tuition payment plan. The $25.00 St. Charles registration fee is paid directly to the school. Families can pay tuition using one of three timelines;

  1. Full payment of tuition using FACTS in August or September, 2017. In this case the FACTS fee is waived.
  2. Semester payments with FACTS in August or September & February - $10 FACTS per family.
  3. Three or more payments with FACTS - $45 FACTS fee per family, per year.
  4. PAyments can be made on the 1st, 5th, 10th, or 15th of the month.
  5. Log on to FACTS or register through the school link below for automatic payments or charge or credit card.
  6. Master Card, Discover, Visa and have a convenience fee of 2.75%, so we recommend a checking account for payment.

FACTS will send a confirmation to each family before payments begin.

Tuition Assistance Available - Please see information on the Tuition Assistance Programs Page

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program 

Rewald Tuition Assistance Trust . As you may know, Mr. A. B. and Mrs. Jeannette Rewald chose to leave to the children of the Burlington community the gift of attending a private school if they so wished. The program is designed to help those in K5 - Gr. 8 who need financial assistance. Please consider applying even if you don’t think you qualify.

Scrip Tuition Credit Program - Available to all families.

( We have limited tuition assistance to offer preschool students, and are working to develop more, and will welcome ideas about that from the school community! )

Here is the link to the FACTS program. You may also click on the FACTS picture below to access the link.

If during the school year a family should experience an unexpected and legitimate financial issue, they need to make that known to the school office at least three business days before the payment is due. With sufficient notice, the payment amount or date can be adjusted during the school year.

St. Charles Catholic School is committed to providing a quality education to our students your children. Working with FACTS is one more step in assuring that we can continue our mission. It enables families to choose a reasonable payment plan while enabling us to provide a financially and educationally sound institution for your children and those of generations to come. As always, we thank you for your support. Your involvement and belief in your family's school is a gift to your children!