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"St. Charles Helping Hands", goal is to assist YOU in any way we can.  This provides outside services to those of you who are at home or in assisted living facilities who may be in need of some resourceful information and do not know where to find it.  Please refer to this page often as a guide handy for current or future reference and feel free to contact any one of our volunteers for assistance if necessary.  You are important to us!  Our names and phone numbers are listed below.


Click on this link to see the Helping Hands Mission

The St. Charles Helping Hands Committee will be meeting again on Tuesday, June 27 at 4:30 in the parish office.  For those of you who are unaware of our mission, it is to bring awareness to the elders of our parish and recognize them for all they do and have done for so many years.  We do this by sending monthly flyers of things going on, by chatting with them on the phone or helping with small chores.  If you can see yourself on our committee, then please feel free to join our next meeting.  We try to meet monthly to assess the needs that some of our elders may have and address them at that time.  The current committee members are listed below:

Mary LaBadie   262-206-5569   Jacki Scholze   262-763-4611  
Mary Pieters 262-763-2627 Donna Moe 262-763-2328 
  Jackie Heiligenthal    262-661-4272 Larry Dornacher 262-763-9637
Pat Lawrence 262-763-2260 Joan Zwiebel 262-763-9226
Bea Itzenheiser 262-763-3493 Judy Halverson 262-758-0403
Phil Koenen 262-492-9122 Marcy Morrison 262-492-1483
Marge Luedeke 262-492-3320 Fr. Jim Volkert 262-763-1500

Please keep this page bookmarked as resource information and either make the phone call or call one of us listed below.  We will be as helpful as possible.  Thanks for your time!

Jan/Feb 2019 Flyer

March/April 2019 Flyer

St Charles Parishioner Joseph N. Duplessis attended the Veterans Day ceremony in Union Grove and was able to shake hands with Govenor Scott Walker.

Below is the article from WKOW 27 Madison

UNION GROVE (WKOW) -- Among this year's Veterans Day ceremonies in Wisconsin, there was an event at the veterans home in Union Grove.
    During the ceremony, Governor Scott Walker thanked the group of vets for their service and their continued commitment to the communities they live in.
    "Our thanks is both for your service provided in the military service for provide to this country continuing to stay engaged in the community all across this great state," said Walker.

Seniors Luncheon

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