Parish Committees

Tri-Parish Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is both the process and structure which enables parishioners to share more fully in the task of continuing the Church's work in the parish neighborhood. Its primary role is to call forth and affirm the gifts present within the community to meet the pastoral needs of God's people and to make Christ present among us.  
Through its committees, called Standing Committees, the Council extends the mission of Jesus in this time and place.  
New Council members are selected each Spring through a parish-wide process of prayerful discernment. Council members serve for three years. Meeting times are listed in the weekly Bulletin.

Tri-Parish Pastoral Council Minutes

Hispanic Ministry

Finance Council

The committee is responsible for all the financial oversight of the parish. The committee reviews the monthly and annual financial statements. The committee facilitates the annual budget process each year and presents a balanced budget as information to Pastoral Council and the Pastor for approval.

Standing Committees

These groups function as separate committees, accountable to the Pastoral and or Financial Councils. The standing committees meet once a month . The date of the monthly Meeting is listed in the weekly Bulletin.

Building and Grounds: This committee works closely with the Finance Council to maintain our parish and school facilities and grounds.  It is a huge undertaking, and this group relies upon volunteer service.  We are always looking for assistance from building and grounds related professionals.  Please contact Mike Nice at 262-758-3395 if you are able to give service to this ministry.

Worship & Liturgy: This committee consists of people who plan and organize all components of the mass.  The committee works under the direction of Fr. Carlos Zapata.  If you are interested in becoming involved in the organization of our mass, please contact the parish office (763-2260) or Fr. Carlos Zapata.  All areas of prayer and worship at St. Charles rely on volunteers.  We are always looking for more people to act as Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Servers, and Ushers.  Please contact the leader of the ministry area you are interested in being a part of. 

Rev. Carlos Zapata  763-2260
Art and Environment: Jenny Ketterhagen
Ushers:  Larry Dornacher  763-9637
Music Director:  Kendra Gabriel  262-903-5392
Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors:  Pat Lawrence  763-2260
Servers:  Pat Lawrence  763-2260

Worship & Liturgy Minutes

School Advisory Committee: The role of this committee is to develop and define the policies which govern the operation of the parish school and to promote the implementation of these policies by the Principal. The committee is responsible for communicating all policies regarding the school to parents, students, faculty, and other school personnel.

School Advisory Committee Minutes

Christian Formation: As baptized Catholics we share a common vocation to continue to grow in holiness and learn about our Catholic Faith. This team of parishioners would work together with members of St. Mary’s and St. Joe’s to sponsor events such as Catholic Catechism classes, adult retreats, and Bible and book study groups.  In addition, these volunteers maintain the lending library in our parish.
We are looking for new volunteers to become active in this ministry.  Please contact the parish office if you are interested at 763-2260, or call Schawn Schoepke at 414-510-1841. 

Evangelization and Stewardship: This committee would work closely with the Finance Council to manage and increase the use of time, talents, and treasure of our parish membership to maintain our parish and school.
We are looking for new volunteers to become active in this ministry.  Please contact the parish office if you are interested at 763-2260, or contact Barb Bakshis at 262-539-2694.

Human Concerns Team: This team of parishioners supports the needs of all God’s children within and outside our parish community.  Volunteers provide communion and prayers to homebound parishioners; assist and visit our elderly, hospitalized, and homebound members; support Pro Life efforts; provide monthly meals to those in need; and support local agencies through collection efforts.  Please contact the parish office (763-2260) or one of the representatives below if you would like to be part of this ministry.

          Pastoral Council Representatives –
          Jacki Scholze  262-763-4611
          Laura Jaimes

          Helping Hands – Mary LaBadie  262-206-5569
          Love, Inc. Meals – Karen Bauman  262-763-2663
          TLC Meals – Joan Kawalec  262-763-1759
          Pro Life – Ruth Neu  262-763-9952

Holy Dusters: This group relies on volunteers to keep our church beautiful.  Small teams gather once a week, usually after daily mass, to clean for 2-3 hours.  More hands make the load lighter.  If you can give to this ministry once a month, please contact Jackie Heiligenthal  at 262-661-4272.