School Committees


School Advisory Committee:

St Charles School Committee has as its primary concern the spiritual, academic, intellectual and physical development of all students who attend Saint Charles School.  Saint Charles School Board works in close collaboration with the Principal and Pastor in developing policies that will enable the school to reach its goals and deal with the recognized needs of the parent community.
All meetings are open to attending school families unless deemed closed due to confidentiality. To be added to the agenda, please contact chairperson the week prior to the meeting date. Meetings are set the first meeting of the year. Please contact the chairperson to verify time and date.
Member Contacts: Bob O'Neill (Parish Council Liason) - Email, Chairperson - Mario Denoto - Email, Mary MacDonald - Principal - Email, Secretary - Sara Rogan - Email, Terry Giese, Julie O'Neill, Mary Ann Johnson, Melissa Kreuscher - Email,

School Advisory Committee Minutes

Home and School Committee:

The St. Charles Home & School Committee exists to coordinate the spiritual and educational forces of the home and the school.  This committee provides a vehicle for active participation by parents in their child's education, as well as sponsoring various events which supply the students with materials and programs.  The Home and School sponsors several major fund-raisers to supplement the school budget and book fees.
All meetings are open to school families. Meeting dates will be listed on monthly school calendar.
Please contact the following member with any questions.
President - Jenny Reesman - Email, Vice President - Renée Richter - Email, Treasurer - Peter Gabriel - Email, Secretary: Melissa Doyle - Email

Home and School Minutes

Athletics Committee:

The St. Charles Athletic Committee exists to provide the students of St. Charles School the opportunity of participating in various extra-curricular athletic programs.  The committee operates on money of its own, consisting of athletic fees and fundraisers.
The St. Charles Athletic Committee meets on the second Monday of every month at 6:00 P.M. during the school year.  Officers of the Athletic Committee meet in executive session when needed.  All athletic meetings are open to school families. Please contact the following member with any questions.
Chairperson: Andrea Clapp - Email

Technology Committee:

The St. Charles Technology Committee exists to provide the students with quality computer hardware and software and with a quality technology education.
The St. Charles Technology Committee meets on an as needed basis. All meetings are open to school families.Please contact the following members with questions.
Technology Coordinators: Terri Lancour - Email, Mike Pinter - 262-787-0838

If you are interested in becoming a member on any of these committees please contact the numbers listed. We are always looking for new members at the beginning of the new year. Stop by for a meeting or two to see what we are all about before you commit. You will not truly feel a part of St. Charles family until you begin to get involved!