Thank you for your support!


A Gift of Your Time and Talents 
Giving through your time and talents is a priceless way you can contribute to our parish and school. There are many opportunities available. You will find that when you give of your time, the return on your investment is immeasurable! Without the help of our members we cannot survive, consider finding an area of interest and contacting the person in charge. Fill out the Time and Talent Form.


There are numerous ways to support St. Charles Parish through your gift of treasure...


On-Going Giving

St. Charles offers a number of ongoing ways for parents, alumni, and other friends of the school to show support. Special events, shopping opportunities, are other ways to contribute throughout the year. Please visit our On-Going Fundraiser Page for more opportunities
To fulfill their financial obligations as parish members may use their monthly envelopes or sign up for automatic withdrawal. Please download and complete the Automatic Withdrawal form  or contact the Church Office to sign up for either of these options. 


Directed Giving

If you would like your gift to be directed toward a special need or specific purpose please contact either the church office.

A Gift Through Your Corporation

If you are a business owner, your business can make the donation and receive the tax deduction. A business you work for may either make a donation directly or match a donation you make. In some cases, corporate tax rates will be higher than individual tax rates; therefore, having the business make the contribution will give you bigger tax savings.


A Gift of Appreciated Property

By appreciated property, we are talking about assets that have gone up in value, and when sold, you would have to pay tax on the gain. The most common types of appreciated property are stocks, bonds, and mutual funds; however, appreciated property can also include real estate, art, jewelry, antiques, and collectibles. By making a gift of appreciated property, you receive an income tax deduction for the market value of the appreciated property and avoid paying income tax on the gain. As an example, you bought a stock 5 years ago for $5,000.00. Today the stock is worth $10,000.00. If you sold the stock you would pay capital gains tax on the $5,000.00 gain. By gifting the stock to St. Charles, you would receive a tax deduction of $10,000.00 and avoid paying capital gains tax on the gain.

Additional Gifting Opportunities

Help support St. Charles for years to come! There are ways to give by bequests made in a will, gifting a life insurance policy, or establishing a trust where St. Charles receives the money, and you receive an income. Everyone’s situation will be different so please consult with your financial or tax advisor to determine the best way to give based on your circumstances.