Family Mass

Saturday 5:15 pm masses October 14, November 11, and  December 9.

Students from St. Charles will actively participate in the Liturgy. Parents, consider being an example of faith by taking up the gifts or reading petitions with your child. The mass is an integral part of our Catholic faith. It unites us as a community. Family Mass is a marvelous opportunity to build the faith of our youth and strengthen our adult faith by celebrating the mass together. See you at mass!

If you’re not able to attend school masses on Wednesdays, this is a marvelous opportunity to see the young members of St. Charles shine as they ‘Come to the Feast,’ eager to hear the Gospel and learn more about the teachings of Jesus. If you do attend school masses on Wednesdays, Family Mass is an extra blessing where you can celebrate mass with your children, being for them an example in faith, which as a parent is the most powerful example they will have in their young lives.

Parents with children ages 3 to 7 will be given a Jesus And Me pack for their children to use whenever they come to weekend mass. This JAM pack has quiet, age-appropriate activities to hold their attention as they sit alongside their parents in church. The JAM pack is then returned at the end of mass. As an alternative, St. Charles also has a Cry Room at the back of church with comfortable seating and an adjoining bathroom, if needed. Older children are invited to follow along with the mass and participate in Holy Eucharist.

Jesus says “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Be an example of faith.

Make Mass Matter.

See you at Mass!