Jesus And Me


Here at St. Charles we offer two programs for our younger members:

Jesus and Me Time

This program takes place during 10 A.M. Mass. All children who have not yet made their First Communion are invited to participate. Come to church as a family. During the Liturgy of the Word, young children will be excused to Andre Hall to hear stories about Jesus and have their own quiet time. Before the Liturgy of the Eucharist, they will rejoin their families.

Jesus and Me Packs

Don’t forget to ask an usher for a “Jesus And Me” pack for your young children at other masses. These packs contain quiet, age-appropriate items to hold your child’s attention when they sit beside you in church. Return the JAM packs after mass so that other children may use them. See you at Mass!

If you have any questions regarding these programs or you might be interested in volunteering at 10 A.M. Mass, please contact Jenny at 262-767-0740.


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