Our Principal

Greetings from Our Principal


Greetings to All,

A wise person recently made a comment that rings true for me in my third year as principal of this wonderful school-

We are more than a school - we are a family!

The care that teachers, parents, staff and students show to one another makes it so. We truly are a community that takes care of each other. I see it every day in the way our teachers and staff work with our students. I see it every day in the way older students work with, help, and relate to younger students, and also in the way younger students help each other! We are blessed to be here.

Our preschool, directed by Mrs. Bartlett, is strong and getting stronger. It is time to register children for next year for all grades! Paperwork has gone home with school families, so please help Ms. Kathy and return your completed registration for next year by March 1. If you are not already part of the St. Charles Family, now is a perfect time to come and visit! Call 262-763-2848 -we would love to welcome you for a visit.
We have tuition assistance available for families who have a need:
  • Rewald Scholarship Fund application is due by April 15 with a tax return. Families must apply every year!
  • Wisconsin Parental Choice Program final date for application, done online at http://dpi.wi.gov/sms/choice-programs/student-applications is April 20. This program is for families who qualify by residence and income level. Students may enter St. Charles at Grades PreK4, K5, and 1, even if they are already here. Eighth grade parents take note that students may also enter at grade 9, so Catholic Central could be an option for you! Current St. Charles students in grades 1-7 are not eligible for the program.
  • Preschool Tuition Assistance Fund.

Thank You, all parents who assisted in our many exciting Catholic Schools Weel activities! It was quite the week of celeb ration this year - one to remember. We appreciate the efforts of our wonderful Home and School Committee in paying much of the cost for our special events, and we appreciate the time, creativity and energy of parents who come here an volunteer their time. (Do you know that Home and School pays for all od our bus transport during the year AND purchased our copt machine for us, AND supplies many other things we need and use?) Thank you, Home and School!!!

I wish all a blessed Lenten season as we prepare ourselves for Easter.

Come see us at St. Charles!

Mary MacDonald