Rewald Tuition Assistance

Rewald Tuition Assistance


Rewald Scholarship Form: 2019-2020


NORTH CAMPUS - 449 Conkey St., Burlington, WI  53105 (St. Charles) · 262-763-2848

SOUTH CAMPUS - 225 W. State St., Burlington, WI  53105 (St. Mary)  · (262) 763-1515


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Students who attend Burlington Catholic School in grades 5K through 8th grade (4K is excluded from the scholarship) or Catholic Central High School could receive a scholarship to help with tuition costs.  The A. B. Rewald and Jeannette Rewald Scholarship Trust created under the Will of Mr. Rewald began with the1994/1995 school year.

This Scholarship Trust was created by the Rewalds to help students attend or continue to attend first a private elementary school and secondly a private high school.  The intent of this Scholarship Trust is to help families in the payment of tuition to attend a private school.

A committee specified under the Rewald will (school principal and Rewald Trust committee members) will consider applications and make a determination of the amount to be applied toward the tuition of each student.  The financial information submitted is kept highly confidential. The decision of the committee will be final.

This is an annual scholarship program.  Applications for scholarships from the Trust must be made each year.  The intent of the Will was a gift to the parents to help them with tuition for parochial education.  We urge you to apply each year, whether or not you received a scholarship last year, as the monies available will vary each year.  Families may receive between 5% and 92% of the tuition cost. 

Please know that the amount awarded is strictly set by the terms of the trust.  As much as we would love to distribute more money, awards can only be offered as directed by the trust.

Applications are only accepted once a year, and this year all applications for the 2019/20 school year must be submitted by April 24, 2019.