School Fundraisers

School fundraisers throughout the year. We ask that you participate where you can. Please try to support us wherever possible. You may also help by passing on the information to friends and family members.

Below are the fundraisers and the appropriate contact person. You may also click on the fundraiser name to be directed to the appropriate page. Join us! We are a parochial school, without your support we can not survive!

Scrip...This continues throughout the school year. For more information please contact Jen Bauman, 271-5173, Email

Once a year we participate in an Archdiocese sponsored fundraiser, the "Soles For Catholic Education Walk". It is a two-mile walk where each participant raises donations through sponsors. All monies raised stay with our school. The funds are used for tuition assistance for those who need it. You do not have to walk in order to sponsor, and you do not have to sponsor to walk. It is also to raise awareness about the benefits of Catholic education. We welcome everyone to join us! Visit the link above to view  some highlights from last year's walk! 

It is important to show your support for Catholic does make a difference! Please join us!!!


In addition to the opportunities listed above, we also have on-going fundraisers. These include opportunities to help St. Charles raise money by simply saving box tops, labels, etc. Please visit this link to learn more.

Thank you for support!