Major Retailers Want To Give St. Charles School Money!
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Please use enrollment code 8B4L6673286L1 when you shop!

What is Scrip?

Scrip is simply a word that means “substitute money”.  In other words, Scrip is gift certificates/cards from national and local retailers.  They look just like the certificates/cards you purchase at stores and are used just like cash.  This is an easy fundraiser that COSTS YOU NOTHING!!!  Gift cards are purchased at face value with no extra cost to you.  St. Charles School receives a portion of the profit from Scrip.

How Does it Work?

The beauty of these Scrip cards is that they allow you to put your regular household shopping dollars to work earning money for St. Charles School without costing you any additional money. To do this, St Charles School purchases the gift cards you request at a percent discount between 2% and 20%. We then sell them to you for face value (a $10 gift card costs you $10). The difference is profit to our school which will be used through our Home & School program.  Here is an example:

For a simple example,

Groceries-Pick-N-Save        $400 per month    4 % profit to St. Charles       $16.00 per month

Gas - Kwik Trip                    $200 per month    4 % profit to St. Charles       $  8.00 per month

Misc - Walgreens                 $ 25 per month      6 % profit to St. Charles      $  1.50 per month

Misc - Walmart                     $ 50 per month      2 % profit to St. Charles      $  1.00 per month

Movies - Marcus Theaters   $ 25 per month      9 % profit to St. Charles      $  2.25 per month

Food - Cousins Subs           $ 25 per month      9 % profit to St. Charles       $ 2.25 per month

Kohls                                   $ 25 per month      4 % profit to St Charles        $ 1.00 per month


Total Cost to You                 $750 per month       Profit to St. Charles:        $42 per month ------- $504 per year 

The above example is just a “tip of the iceberg” in the revenue that could be generated for St. Charles.  Just by purchasing these gift cards to pay for your everyday expenses it can raise money for St. Charles. PLEASE NOTE THAT  KOHL’S GIFT CARDS CAN BE USED TO PAY YOUR KOHL'S CHARGE CARD BILL SINCE THEY ARE “KOHL’S CARES” CARDS!!! A complete list of vendors can be found at Retailer List). If you have any questions contact Jen Bauman at 271-5173 or                                                         


SCRIP TUITION CREDIT PROGRAM Families will be able to earn tuition credit by purchasing scrip. After a family earns $100 in profit for St. Charles, they will receive 50% of their earnings back as tuition credit for next school year.

See example:
The Smith Family purchases $2500 of Kwik Trip and Roundy’s scrip cards at 4% over the course of 5 months and earns $100​ profit for St. Charles School. The Smith Family purchases an additional $2500 of Kwik Trip and Roundy’s scrip cards at 4% over the next 5 months and earns $100 ​profit; $50​ for St. Charles School and $50 tuition credit for their family for the following school year. The more you buy the more you will save!

Each family can earn up to 100% payment of their tuition, any funds earned beyond 100% shall support Home & School.

Additional Incentives

We will continue offering dress down days for children whose families have purchased scrip.

How Do I Purchase Scrip?

There are two ways to place a Scrip Order:

1) Fill out order form that you can get from the school office or online on our website,, then pay with a check made out to St. Charles School.  Watch for our emails prior to each order date or check your child’s backpack for the most recent forms every other week. Your first order form is attached for an easy way to try it!

2) Order online at school enrollment code is 8B4L6673286L1), and either pay online with PrestoPay through your checking account, or drop off a check to the office made out to St. Charles School.

The dates for Scrip orders are on the school google calendar.  Orders should be filled and returned to you the week after your order.

Just Imagine:

We have 112 families here at St Charles.  With only an average of 5-10 families ordering each time, our scrip program earns between $100-$200 twice a month for St. Charles School. Think of how much our school could earn if MORE FAMILIES participated!!!  This is such an easy fundraiser that COSTS YOU NOTHING!!!  We would like to get more families to order! Attached is information on the Scrip Program

Don't Forget...

  • Scrip does not cost you one extra penny.
  • Every time you purchase with Scrip, you are automatically making a gift to St. Charles.
  • We are not asking for another financial commitment from you.  We are just asking for your commitment to change your spending routine for things you already purchase on a regular basis.


Thank you for your support!
Happy Shopping!