Why Us?

Why choose St. Charles School?....


Our school offers many unique hands-on learning opportunities. We offer a structured learning environment that encourages discipline and accountability. Spanish is taught beginning in Kindergarten. Our students are introduced to technology beginning in pre school through the use of iPads in the classroom and our computer lab.
We also focus on living our faith and giving back to the community. This year alone our student "Ambassador Club" has earned funds through popcorn and water sales once a month. The monies raised have been used to purchase Thanksgiving dinners for Love Inc., adopt a family for Christmas, to assist the "Jesus & Me" church program with needed supplies, and to help support  a community member in need... and their giving continues. At St. Charles we feel community service  should be a part of our students' daily lives. 
Browse our school pages to learn more about who we are and what we have to offer. Visit our "School Newsletters" link to find out all of our up to date activities. We are sure you will find that St. Charles is "where your child's future should begin! "
Student Testimonials (graduates):

" I feel that St. Charles has prepared me for not only high school, but life beyond."

"I liked my experience here and all my classmates. I like the friendly atmosphere."

"Everyone is so friendly and we help people when they are down to build them up."

"I grew up here, and I am very ready to leave; however, I will be sad to leave!"

"Thank you everyone at St. Charles! I feel like you are my family!"

As we quickly approach the end of 20 years with St. Charles, I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for making this school outstanding!  ... ...God bless all of you for everything you do to instill values, work ethic, and academic excellence not only in our children, but all students who attend St. Charles.You are an amazing staff, and Larry and I are grateful for each and every one of you.

~Excerpt from Teacher Appreciation Letter 2014, Laurie T.~


The St. Charles commitment to excellence continues far beyond our students time here. Our graduates continue the call to service in their community far into adulthood. Many are business owners,community leaders, as well as, mentors for others; such as 2014 Humanitarian Award Winner Chris Weidert. Chris is the third St. Charles graduate in the past few years to win this award. They include James Bauman in 2013, and Don VandeSand in 2011. Chris's service to the Burlington area is truly an amazing story. Learn more by viewing the attached video link. Thank you to all of these men for helping to make our community a better place!